Supported Product Versions

The following tables show the present supported versions for CodeSonar and CodeSentry. This document also provides clarification on how support is defined as well as what is included in different versions. 

Version Changes: X.Y pZ

  • X: major release
    • Significant new functionality added (or integrations)
  • Y: minor release
    • Enhanced and/or new functionality
  • Z: patch release
    • Release that contains patches, bug fixes, and very minor enhancements


  • Active: current release and two versions thereafter 
  • Sunset: products that fall outside active which detail the following:
    • No enhancements, only Critical/Urgent defects fixed
    • Start EOL window, which lasts 12 months


Product/Version Release Date State Notes
CodeSonar 6.1 8/3/2021 Active  
CodeSonar 6.0 4/5/2021 Active No binary analysis in this release & does not support C# analysis
CodeSonar 5.4 9/15/2020 Active  
CodeSonar 5.3 6/15/2020 Sunset EOL 8/3/2022
CodeSonar 5.2 12/7/2019 Sunset EOL 4/5/2022
CodeSonar 5.1 8/27/2019 EOL EOL 9/15/2021
CodeSonar 5.0 8/15/2018 EOL EOL 6/15/2021
CodeSonar 4.5-4.1 N/A EOL EOL - Past present date



Product/Version Release Date State Notes
CodeSentry 2.1.2 8/31/2021 Active  
CodeSentry 2.0 7/2/2021 Active General Availability from v2.0 onwards
CodeSentry 1.5.4 5/10/2021 EOL Limited Availability
CodeSentry 1.4.0 3/14/2021 EOL Limited Availability
CodeSentry 1.3.0 2/24/2021 EOL Limited Availability
CodeSentry 1.2.0 1/27/2021 EOL Limited Availability
CodeSentry 1.1.0 12/30/2020 EOL Limited Availability
CodeSentry 1.0.0 12/9/2020 EOL Limited Availability


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