Net Promoter Score (NPS)


From time to time GrammaTech asks their customers to complete an NPS survey which in practice presents one general question. 

'How likely are you to recommend GrammaTech to a colleague or friend?'

This question is triggered at different stages of the customer experience including when a support ticket is marked resolved. The channels in operation are meant to ask the same question to ensure we sample customers at different intervals. There is process however to make sure GrammaTech does not over survey customers. 

The NPS question is rated from 1-10 with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest. The following article explains a little on how the rating works. The feedback provided enables GrammaTech to react accordingly when things are working well and when things didn't work out as expected. Every survey is read and actions are taken to ensure a feedback loop is created. On occasions, different stakeholders of the business are brought into the conversation so that GrammaTech reacts appropriately and take any necessary actions to improve the overall experience.  

Providing feedback means the world to GrammaTech and it only takes a minute to candidly tell how GrammaTech is doing. Don't hold back, complete a survey when presented so you can provide your opinions and ideas on how we can improve. 

Survey Template

The following diagram shows what a survey looks like:


Previous Year Scores

2021 (half year)


2022 (full year)


2023 (Q1)


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